Cardinal Basil Hume
Cardinal Basil Hume (1923 – 1999)

The Society was founded in 1922 and its objectives are to promote and advance the Roman Catholic religion in England and Wales, including the maintenance of a fund to assist in the conservation, maintenance and improvement of the unique building that is Archbishop’s House. Located behind Westminster Cathedral, Archbishop’s House is a listed building of historical and architectural importance. The activities of the Society have undoubtedly helped to ensure its rightful place as an iconic landmark for Catholics and non-Catholics who live in and visit London.

The Society has been instrumental in helping to keep the building in good working and living order and ensure it is a fitting home for the current Archbishop. The House has played host to numerous important events throughout its history including the visit by Pope John Paul II in 1982 (the first such visit by a reigning Pope) at the time of Cardinal Basil Hume.